Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My response to article comments from the 6/29 Article in the Frederick News-Post

I have read every blog comment, and have wanted to respond to the sentiment of “oh great, just what we need, another lawyer on Capitol Hill.” I agree, there are quite a few lawyers in Congress - too many perhaps. And I agree that we need more doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen and women, and Veterans serving in Congress. I support everyone getting involved in politics. I support healthy debate between all people, regardless of their political leanings. Attend meetings with people that share your belief system. Write to the editor of your local paper. Comment on reporters’ articles and blog posts. And yes – even run for political office. Though, if you run you will get occasional opposition from those in power because they, of course, wish to stay in power. I am not running for ego. I am not running because I’ve amassed a large war chest of funds as a trial lawyer, such as a John Edwards. I am not running because an environmental lobby, an oil lobby or union lobby or education lobby or aerospace and defense lobby has suggested that I run. I am not “propped up” by anything else other than my convictions. Reading the comments tells me that there are people active and interested in the direction that Maryland and the Country are going. That’s great – I want people to think for themselves, and not how a party would tell us how to think. I understand that most professional politicians and their supporters state that one needs experience to serve in office. “You just don’t understand the complexities of what the office entails,” they say. You need someone experienced to deftly “navigate the treacherous political waters,” they say. I believe that it is much simpler than that. Despite all the words spoken in House Sessions, despite all the grandstanding that occurs during Congressional hearings, despite all the procedural formality that you may see on C-SPAN [think “I yield five minutes to the Gentleman from Kentucky” “Without objection” and “So ordered”]– it all boils down to this…. Part 1 - Listen to the voters in your District. Part 2a- If the voters in your District are for a bill, vote for it Part 2b – If the voters in your District are against a bill, vote against it. Part 3 – If the voters in your district are passionately urging you to act by introducing or co-sponsoring a bill, do so. If they wish a Constitutional amendment, propose one. Part 4 – If a member of Congress, or the President, acts in a way that is unconstitutional, speak out. The Federal governments’ powers are clear and limited. Please do not misunderstand me. Experience is good, and can be a useful tool; however, I submit that experience is secondary to serving the will of the voters. This simplifies matters greatly. Running for and serving in office is not a closed book exam. You are allowed to use protractors, rulers, calculators and whatever else is needed to “pass.” As Congressman, I will utilize whatever resources and people are willing and available to best assist me in serving the Sixth District. Thanks for your comments. I welcome them and appreciate your views.

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