Monday, July 19, 2010

A Warning to Republicans About the Tea Party Movement

A Warning to the Republican Party about the Tea Party Movement

Based on the Tea Party movement’s successes in driving Republicans, conservatives and otherwise) into trying to court their voters and win their approval, it would be easy to assume that the GOP will make huge gains this coming November riding the coattails of this extraordinary group of individuals.

However, the Republicans should not make the fatal assumption that the Tea Party Movement will file lock step into their polling places voting Republican across the board.

The Tea Party is about liberty.

The Tea Party is about adherence to the Constitution.

The Tea Party is about promoting conservatism, not socialism or extremism.

The Tea Party is not an extension of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party is not funded by the GOP or the Republican National Committee.

The Tea Party is not run and operated by the Republican Party.

I have read Tea Party members’ blogs, and posts and tweets and comments, and I find them highly educated and well-versed in how our Federal government has been run from one extreme to the other. They have witnessed the unconstitutional takeover of the healthcare industry, the automobile industry, the financial industry by the Democratic administration. Alternatively, they have also witnessed the astonishing encroachment on personal liberty by the previous Republican administration in passing the Patriot Act. The Tea Party Movement, it is safe to say, is more likely well-versed in the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist Papers, than many members of Congress.

There is an anti-incumbency wave sweeping throughout the United States, not merely an anti-Democratic Party wave. The GOP should be wise to acknowledge this, or their anticipated victories in 2010 might be very short-lived.

The members of the Tea Party Movement are watchdogs of liberty, not lap dogs to the GOP.

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